Toward Location-aware In-body Terahertz Nanonetworks with Energy Harvesting

by   Filip Lemic, et al.

Nanoscale wireless networks are expected to revolutionize a variety of domains, with significant advances conceivable in in-body healthcare. In healthcare, these nanonetworks will consist of energy-harvesting nanodevices passively flowing through the bloodstream, taking actions at certain locations, and communicating results to more powerful Body Area Network (BAN) nodes. Assuming such a setup and electromagnetic nanocommunication in the Terahertz (THz) frequencies, we propose a network architecture that can support fine-grained localization of the energy-harvesting in-body nanonodes, as well as their two-way communication with the outside world. The main novelties of our proposal lie in the introduction of location-aware and Wake-up Radio (WuR)-based wireless nanocommunication paradigms, as well as Software-Defined Metamaterials (SDMs), to THz-operating energy-harvesting in-body nanonetworks. We argue that, on a high level, the proposed architecture can handle (and actually benefits from) a large number of nanonodes, while simultaneously dealing with a short range of THz in-body propagation and highly constrained nanonodes.



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