Toward Data Cleaning with a Target Accuracy: A Case Study for Value Normalization

01/13/2021 ∙ by Adel Ardalan, et al. ∙ 0

Many applications need to clean data with a target accuracy. As far as we know, this problem has not been studied in depth. In this paper we take the first step toward solving it. We focus on value normalization (VN), the problem of replacing all string that refer to the same entity with a unique string. VN is ubiquitous, and we often want to do VN with 100 done today in industry by automatically clustering the strings then asking a user to verify and clean the clusters, until reaching 100 solution has significant limitations. It does not tell the users how to verify and clean the clusters. This part also often takes a lot of time, e.g., days. Further, there is no effective way for multiple users to collaboratively verify and clean. In this paper we address these challenges. Overall, our work advances the state of the art in data cleaning by introducing a novel cleaning problem and describing a promising solution template.



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