Toward a Smart Resource Allocation Policy via Artificial Intelligence in 6G Networks: Centralized or Decentralized?

by   Ali Nouruzi, et al.

In this paper, we design a new smart softwaredefined radio access network (RAN) architecture with important properties like flexibility and traffic awareness for sixth generation (6G) wireless networks. In particular, we consider a hierarchical resource allocation framework for the proposed smart soft-RAN model, where the software-defined network (SDN) controller is the first and foremost layer of the framework. This unit dynamically monitors the network to select a network operation type on the basis of distributed or centralized resource allocation architectures to perform decision-making intelligently. In this paper, our aim is to make the network more scalable and more flexible in terms of achievable data rate, overhead, and complexity indicators. To this end, we introduce a new metric, throughput overhead complexity (TOC), for the proposed machine learning-based algorithm, which makes a trade-off between these performance indicators. In particular, the decision making based on TOC is solved via deep reinforcement learning (DRL), which determines an appropriate resource allocation policy. Furthermore, for the selected algorithm, we employ the soft actor-critic method, which is more accurate, scalable, and robust than other learning methods. Simulation results demonstrate that the proposed smart network achieves better performance in terms of TOC compared to fixed centralized or distributed resource management schemes that lack dynamism. Moreover, our proposed algorithm outperforms conventional learning methods employed in other state-of-the-art network designs.


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