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Toward a Methodological Knowledge for Service-Oriented Development Based on OPEN Meta Model

by   Mahdi Fahmideh, et al.

Situational method engineering uses a repository of reusable method fragments that are derived from existing software development methodologies and industrial best practices to simplify the construction of any project-specific software development methodology aligned with specific characteristics of a project at hand. In this respect, OPEN is a well-established, standardized and popular approach for situational method engineering. It has a large repository of reusable method fragments called OPF that method engineers can select and assemble them according to the requirements of a project to construct a new project-specific software development methodology. In this position paper, we present the basic concepts and foundations of OPEN and argue for an urgent need for new extensions to OPEN and its repository in support of service-oriented software development practices. Keywords: OPEN Process Framework, OPF Repository, OPEN Meta-Model, Situational Method Engineering, Method Fragments, Service-Oriented Software Development


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