Toward a fitness landscape model of firms' IT-enabled dynamic capabilities

03/11/2019 ∙ by Rogier van de Wetering, et al. ∙ 0

This chapter presents, extends and integrates a complexity science perspective and applies this to IT-enabled dynamic capabilities (ITDCs) of firms. By doing so, this chapter leverages statistical survey data and uses them as parameters for a simulation using the NK-model. This NK-model creates stochastically generated fitness landscapes that are parameterized using a finite number of (N) elements, or capabilities, and (K) complex interactions between those capabilities, and studies the performance (fitness) of systems. We simulate firm efforts to adaptively explore and walk through a fitness landscape of possible strategies of inter-related capabilities to reach toward higher levels of fitness of ITDCs. Also, our fitness landscape model provides realistic scenarios with a nexus of possible business strategies that can be employed considering the current status, interdependency, and alignment among capabilities in the organization. Our work suggests that firms achieve the highest fitness values when the interdependency among the individual capabilities is relatively small.



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