Total value adjustment of Bermudan option valuation under pure jump Lévy fluctuations

by   Gangnan Yuan, et al.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many institutions have announced that their counterparties are struggling to fulfill contracts.Therefore, it is necessary to consider the counterparty default risk when pricing options. After the 2008 financial crisis, a variety of value adjustments have been emphasized in the financial industry. The total value adjustment (XVA) is the sum of multiple value adjustments, which is also investigated in many stochastic models such as Heston and Bates models. In this work, a widely used pure jump Lévy process, the CGMY process has been considered for pricing a Bermudan option with various value adjustments. Under a pure jump Lévy process, the value of derivatives satisfies a fractional partial differential equation(FPDE). Therefore, we construct a method which combines Monte Carlo with finite difference of FPDE (MC-FF) to find the numerical approximation of exposure, and compare it with the benchmark Monte Carlo-COS (MC-COS) method. We use the discrete energy estimate method, which is different with the existing works, to derive the convergence of the numerical scheme.Based on the numerical results, the XVA is computed by the financial



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