Topological Interference Management with Confidential Messages

by   Jean de Dieu Mutangana, et al.

The topological interference management (TIM) problem refers to the study of the K-user partially connected interference networks with no channel state information at the transmitters (CSIT), except for the knowledge of network topology. In this paper, we study the TIM problem with confidential messages (TIM-CM), where message confidentiality must be satisfied in addition to reliability constraints. In particular, each transmitted message must be decodable at its intended receiver and remain confidential at the remaining (K-1) receivers. Our main contribution is to present a comprehensive set of results for the TIM-CM problem by studying the symmetric secure degrees of freedom (SDoF). To this end, we first characterize necessary and sufficient conditions for feasibility of positive symmetric SDoF for any arbitrary topology. We next present two achievable schemes for the TIM-CM problem: For the first scheme, we use the concept of secure partition and, for the second one, we use the concept of secure maximal independent sets. We also present outer bounds on symmetric SDoF for any arbitrary network topology. Using these bounds, we characterize the optimal symmetric SDoF of all K=2-user and K=3-user network topologies.



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