Topological Coding and Topological Matrices Toward Network Overall Security

09/04/2019 ∙ by Bing Yao, et al. ∙ 0

A mathematical topology with matrix is a natural representation of a coding relational structure that is found in many fields of the world. Matrices are very important in computation of real applications, s ce matrices are easy saved in computer and run quickly, as well as matrices are convenient to deal with communities of current networks, such as Laplacian matrices, adjacent matrices in graph theory. Motivated from convenient, useful and powerful matrices used in computation and investigation of today's networks, we have introduced Topcode-matrices, which are matrices of order 3× q and differ from popular matrices applied in linear algebra and computer science. Topcode-matrices can use numbers, letters, Chinese characters, sets, graphs, algebraic groups etc. as their elements. One important thing is that Topcode-matrices of numbers can derive easily number strings, since number strings are text-based passwords used in information security. Topcode-matrices can be used to describe topological graphic passwords (Topsnut-gpws) used in information security and graph connected properties for solving some problems coming in the investigation of Graph Networks and Graph Neural Networks proposed by GoogleBrain and DeepMind. Our topics, in this article, are: Topsnut-matrices, Topcode-matrices, Hanzi-matrices, adjacency ve-value matrices and pan-Topcode-matrices, and some connections between these Topcode-matrices will be proven. We will discuss algebraic groups obtained from the above matrices, graph groups, graph networking groups and number string groups for encrypting different communities of dynamic networks. The operations and results on our matrices help us to set up our overall security mechanism to protect networks.



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