Tools and Algorithms for SoC Communication Traces

by   MD Rubel Ahmed, et al.

In this paper, we study seven well-known trace analysis techniques both from the hardware and software domain and discuss their performance on communication-centric system-on-chip (SoC) traces. SoC traces are usually huge in size and concurrent in nature, therefore mining SoC traces poses additional challenges. We provide a hands-on discussion of the selected tools/algorithms in terms of the input, output, and analysis methods they employ. Hardware traces also varies in nature when observed in different level, this work can help developers/academicians to pick up the right techniques for their work. We take advantage of a synthetic trace generator to find the interestingness of the mined outcomes for each tool as well as we work with a realistic GEM5 set up to find the performance of these tools on more realistic SoC traces. Comprehensive analysis of the tool's performance and a benchmark trace dataset are also presented.


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