Tool Demonstration: FSolidM for Designing Secure Ethereum Smart Contracts

02/26/2018 ∙ by Anastasia Mavridou, et al. ∙ 0

Blockchain-based distributed computing platforms enable the trusted execution of computation - defined in the form of smart contracts - without trusted agents. Smart contracts are envisioned to have a variety of applications, ranging from financial to IoT asset tracking. Unfortunately, the development of smart contracts has proven to be extremely error prone. In practice, contracts are riddled with security vulnerabilities comprising a critical issue since bugs are by design non-fixable and contracts may handle financial assets of significant value. To facilitate the development of secure smart contracts, we have created the FSolidM framework, which allows developers to define contracts as finite state machines (FSMs) with rigorous and clear semantics. FSolidM provides an easy-to-use graphical editor for specifying FSMs, a code generator for creating Ethereum smart contracts, and a set of plugins that developers may add to their FSMs to enhance security and functionality.



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