TO-Scene: A Large-scale Dataset for Understanding 3D Tabletop Scenes

by   Mutian Xu, et al.

Many basic indoor activities such as eating or writing are always conducted upon different tabletops (e.g., coffee tables, writing desks). It is indispensable to understanding tabletop scenes in 3D indoor scene parsing applications. Unfortunately, it is hard to meet this demand by directly deploying data-driven algorithms, since 3D tabletop scenes are rarely available in current datasets. To remedy this defect, we introduce TO-Scene, a large-scale dataset focusing on tabletop scenes, which contains 20,740 scenes with three variants. To acquire the data, we design an efficient and scalable framework, where a crowdsourcing UI is developed to transfer CAD objects onto tables from ScanNet, then the output tabletop scenes are simulated into real scans and annotated automatically. Further, a tabletop-aware learning strategy is proposed for better perceiving the small-sized tabletop instances. Notably, we also provide a real scanned test set TO-Real to verify the practical value of TO-Scene. Experiments show that the algorithms trained on TO-Scene indeed work on the realistic test data, and our proposed tabletop-aware learning strategy greatly improves the state-of-the-art results on both 3D semantic segmentation and object detection tasks. TO-Scene and TO-Real, plus Web UI, will all be publicly available.


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