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TNT-KID: Transformer-based Neural Tagger for Keyword Identification

by   Matej Martinc, et al.
Jozef Stefan Institute

With growing amounts of available textual data, development of algorithms capable of automatic analysis, categorization and summarization of these data has become a necessity. In this research we present a novel algorithm for keyword identification, i.e., an extraction of one or multi-word phrases representing key aspects of a given document, called Transformer-based Neural Tagger for Keyword IDentification (TNT-KID). By adapting the transformer architecture for a specific task at hand and leveraging language model pretraining on a small domain specific corpus, the model is capable of overcoming deficiencies of both supervised and unsupervised state-of-the-art approaches to keyword extraction by offering competitive and robust performance on a variety of different datasets while requiring only a fraction of manually labeled data required by the best performing systems. This study also offers thorough error analysis with valuable insights into inner workings of the model and an ablation study measuring the influence of specific components of the keyword identification workflow on the overall performance.


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