TinyML for Ubiquitous Edge AI

02/02/2021 ∙ by Stanislava Soro, et al. ∙ 88

TinyML is a fast-growing multidisciplinary field at the intersection of machine learning, hardware, and software, that focuses on enabling deep learning algorithms on embedded (microcontroller powered) devices operating at extremely low power range (mW range and below). TinyML addresses the challenges in designing power-efficient, compact deep neural network models, supporting software framework, and embedded hardware that will enable a wide range of customized, ubiquitous inference applications on battery-operated, resource-constrained devices. In this report, we discuss the major challenges and technological enablers that direct this field's expansion. TinyML will open the door to the new types of edge services and applications that do not rely on cloud processing but thrive on distributed edge inference and autonomous reasoning.



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