Timely Broadcasting in Erasure Networks: Age-Rate Tradeoffs

by   Xingran Chen, et al.

The interplay between timeliness and rate efficiency is investigated in packet erasure broadcast channels with feedback. A scheduling framework is proposed in which coding actions, as opposed to users, are scheduled to attain desired tradeoffs between rate and age of information (AoI). This tradeoff is formalized by an upper bound on AoI as a function of the target rate constraints and two lower bounds: one as a function of the communication rate and one as a function of the arrival rate. Simulation results show that (i) coding can be beneficial in reducing AoI in the regime of moderate arrival rates even without rate constraints and the benefit increases with the number of users, and (ii) AoI increases with both the target rate constraint and the arrival rate when either is kept fixed, but decreases with them when they are set to be equal.



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