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Time-Weighted Coverage of Integrated Aerial and Ground Networks for Post-Disaster Communications

by   Xiaoli Xu, et al.
Southeast University

In this paper, we propose a new three dimensional (3D) networking architecture with integrated aerial and ground base stations (BSs) for swift post-disaster communication recovery. By exploiting their respective advantages in terms of response time, coverage area, and operational duration, the proposed network is highly heterogeneous, consisting of sustained ground BSs, ground-vehicle mounted BSs, dropping-off BSs and flying BSs. To reflect the importance of swift communication recovery and the dynamics of coverage area in post-disaster scenarios, we propose a new performance metric called “time-weighted coverage", which is an integration of the achieved communication coverage area multiplied with a weighting function over time. By choosing different weighting functions, the network deployment can be designed to achieve tradeoffs between the “swift communication recovery" and “stable communication coverage". Simulation results show that the proposed integrated aerial and ground network has high implementation flexibility and it can significantly enhance the communication coverage compared with the conventional approaches.


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