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Time Synchronized State Estimation for Incompletely Observed Distribution Systems Using Deep Learning Considering Realistic Measurement Noise

by   Behrouz Azimian, et al.

Time-synchronized state estimation is a challenge for distribution systems because of limited real-time observability. This paper addresses this challenge by formulating a deep learning (DL)-based approach to perform unbalanced three-phase distribution system state estimation (DSSE). Initially, a data-driven approach for judicious measurement selection to facilitate reliable state estimation is provided. Then, a deep neural network (DNN) is trained to implement DNN-based DSSE for systems that are incompletely observed by synchrophasor measurement devices (SMDs). Robustness of the proposed methodology is demonstrated by considering realistic measurement error models for SMDs. A comparative study of the DNN-based DSSE with classical linear state estimation (LSE) indicates that the DL-based approach gives better accuracy with a significantly smaller number of SMDs


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