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Time Series Regression

by   Chang Wei Tan, et al.

This paper introduces Time Series Regression (TSR): a little-studied task of which the aim is to learn the relationship between a time series and a continuous target variable. In contrast to time series classification (TSC), which predicts a categorical class label, TSR predicts a numerical value. This task generalizes forecasting, relaxing the requirement that the value predicted be a future value of the input series or primarily depend on more recent values. In this paper, we motivate and introduce this task, and benchmark possible solutions to tackling it on a novel archive of 19 TSR datasets which we have assembled. Our results show that the state-of-the-art TSC model Rocket, when adapted for regression, performs the best overall compared to other TSC models and state-of-the-art machine learning (ML) models such as XGBoost, Random Forest and Support Vector Regression.More importantly, we show that much research is needed in this field to improve the accuracy of ML models.


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Monash University, UEA, UCR Time Series Regression Archive

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