Time Efficient Data Migration among Clouds

09/24/2018 ∙ by Syeda Munazza Marium, et al. ∙ 0

Cloud computing is one of the chief requirement of modern IT trade. Today's cloud industry progressively dependent on it, which lead mutually abundant solutions and challenges. Among the numerous challenges of cloud computing, cloud migration is one of the major concern, and it is necessity to design optimize solutions to advance it with time. Data migration researcher attempt to move data concerning various geographical locations, which contain huge data volumes, compact time limit and problematical architectures. Researchers aim to transfer data with minimal transmission cost and used various efficient scheduling methods and other techniques to achieve this objective. In former research struggles, numerous solution have proposed. In our proposed work, we have explored the contextual factor to accomplish shorter transmission time. Entity Framework Core technology is utilizing for conceptual modelling, mapping and sortage modelling. Meant for minimum transmission cost Object Related Mapping is designated. Desired objective to achieve time efficiency during data migration has been accomplished. Results obtained when data transmission occur among azure and gear host cloud implementation of proposed framework with some size limitations.



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