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Time-Aware Publish/Subscribe for Networks of Mobile Devices

by   João A. Silva, et al.

Smart mobile devices are increasingly ubiquitous and are the primary source of user-generated content, and current communication infrastructures are failing in keeping up with the rising demand for the avid sharing of such content. To alleviate this problem and fully harness the amount of resources currently available at the network edge, mobile edge paradigms started to emerge. Though, application developers still struggle to tap that potential at the edge due to the lack of adequate communication and interaction abstractions. Thus, we propose a high-level abstraction that can be easily exploited by developers to design mobile edge applications focused on data dissemination. In this paper, we propose Thyme, a novel extended topic-based, time-aware publish/subscribe system for networks of mobile devices. In Thyme, time is a rst order dimension. Each subscription has an associated time frame, starting and ending either in the future, present, or past. Making the past available requires both subscriptions and publications to be persistently stored. We present the design of Thyme and evaluate it using simulation, discussing and characterizing the scenarios best suited for its use.


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