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Time-Aware Gated Recurrent Unit Networks for Road Surface Friction Prediction Using Historical Data

by   Ziyuan Pu, et al.

An accurate road surface friction prediction algorithm can enable intelligent transportation systems to share timely road surface condition to the public for increasing the safety of the road users. Previously, scholars developed multiple prediction models for forecasting road surface conditions using historical data. However, road surface condition data cannot be perfectly collected at every timestamp, e.g. the data collected by on-vehicle sensors may be influenced when vehicles cannot travel due to economic cost issue or weather issues. Such resulted missing values in the collected data can damage the effectiveness and accuracy of the existing prediction methods since they are assumed to have the input data with a fixed temporal resolution. This study proposed a road surface friction prediction model employing a Gated Recurrent Unit network-based decay mechanism (GRU-D) to handle the missing values. The evaluation results present that the proposed GRU-D networks outperform all baseline models. The impact of missing rate on predictive accuracy, learning efficiency and learned decay rate are analyzed as well. The findings can help improve the prediction accuracy and efficiency of forecasting road surface friction using historical data sets with missing values, therefore mitigating the impact of wet or icy road conditions on traffic safety.


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