TILES-2018: A longitudinal physiologic and behavioral data set of hospital workers

by   Karel Mundnich, et al.

We present a novel longitudinal multimodal corpus of physiological and behavioral data collected from direct clinical providers in a hospital workplace. We designed the study to investigate the use of off-the-shelf wearable and environmental sensors to understand individual-specific constructs such as job performance, interpersonal interaction, and well-being of hospital workers over time in their natural day-to-day job settings. We collected behavioral and physiological data from n = 212 participants through Internet-of-Things Bluetooth data hubs, wearable sensors (including a wristband, a biometrics-tracking garment, a smartphone, and an audio-feature recorder), together with a battery of surveys to assess personality traits, behavioral states, job performance, and well-being over time. Besides the default use of the data set, we envision several novel research opportunities and potential applications, including multi-modal and multi-task behavioral modeling, authentication through biometrics, and privacy-aware and privacy-preserving machine learning.



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