Tight Convergence Rate Bounds for Optimization Under Power Law Spectral Conditions

by   Maksim Velikanov, et al.

Performance of optimization on quadratic problems sensitively depends on the low-lying part of the spectrum. For large (effectively infinite-dimensional) problems, this part of the spectrum can often be naturally represented or approximated by power law distributions. In this paper we perform a systematic study of a range of classical single-step and multi-step first order optimization algorithms, with adaptive and non-adaptive, constant and non-constant learning rates: vanilla Gradient Descent, Steepest Descent, Heavy Ball, and Conjugate Gradients. For each of these, we prove that a power law spectral assumption entails a power law for convergence rate of the algorithm, with the convergence rate exponent given by a specific multiple of the spectral exponent. We establish both upper and lower bounds, showing that the results are tight. Finally, we demonstrate applications of these results to kernel learning and training of neural networks in the NTK regime.



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