Throughput Analysis of UAV-assisted CellularNetworks by Matérn Hardcore Point Process

by   Mengbing Liu, et al.

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are expected to coexist with conventional terrestrial cellular networks and become an important component to support high rate transmissions. This paper presents an analytical framework for evaluating the throughput performance of a downlink two-tier heterogeneous network. Considering the minimum distance constraint among UAVs, Matérn hardcore point process (MHP) is utilized to model the locations of UAVs. The locations of terrestrial base stations (BSs) are modeled by Poisson point process (PPP). Tools of stochastic geometry are invoked to derive tractable expressions for average data rates of users. With the analytical results, we discuss the optimal combinations of UAVs' height and power control factor. The result shows that an appropriate power control factor can effectively maximize UAV users' average data rate as well as guaranteeing the BS users' performance under our proposed model.



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