Three IQs of AI Systems and their Testing Methods

by   Feng Liu, et al.

The rapid development of artificial intelligence has brought the artificial intelligence threat theory as well as the problem about how to evaluate the intelligence level of intelligent products. Both need to find a quantitative method to evaluate the intelligence level of intelligence systems, including human intelligence. Based on the standard intelligence system and the extended Von Neumann architecture, this paper proposes General IQ, Service IQ and Value IQ evaluation methods for intelligence systems, depending on different evaluation purposes. Among them, the General IQ of intelligence systems is to answer the question of whether the artificial intelligence can surpass the human intelligence, which is reflected in putting the intelligence systems on an equal status and conducting the unified evaluation. The Service IQ and Value IQ of intelligence systems are used to answer the question of how the intelligent products can better serve the human, reflecting the intelligence and required cost of each intelligence system as a product in the process of serving human.



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