Thinking, Learning, and Autonomous Problem Solving

12/10/2002 ∙ by Joerg D. Becker, et al. ∙ 0

Ever increasing computational power will require methods for automatic programming. We present an alternative to genetic programming, based on a general model of thinking and learning. The advantage is that evolution takes place in the space of constructs and can thus exploit the mathematical structures of this space. The model is formalized, and a macro language is presented which allows for a formal yet intuitive description of the problem under consideration. A prototype has been developed to implement the scheme in PERL. This method will lead to a concentration on the analysis of problems, to a more rapid prototyping, to the treatment of new problem classes, and to the investigation of philosophical problems. We see fields of application in nonlinear differential equations, pattern recognition, robotics, model building, and animated pictures.



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