'They're all about pushing the products and shiny things rather than fundamental security' Mapping Socio-technical Challenges in Securing the Smart Home

05/25/2021 ∙ by Jiahong Chen, et al. ∙ 0

Insecure connected devices can cause serious threats not just to smart home owners, but also the underlying infrastructural network as well. There has been increasing academic and regulatory interest in addressing cybersecurity risks from both the standpoint of Internet of Things (IoT) vendors and that of end-users. In addition to the current data protection and network security legal frameworks, for example, the UK government has initiated the 'Secure by Design' campaign. While there has been work on how organisations and individuals manage their own cybersecurity risks, it remains unclear to what extent IoT vendors are supporting end-users to perform day-to-day management of such risks in a usable way, and what is stopping the vendors from improving such support. We interviewed 13 experts in the field of IoT and identified three main categories of barriers to making IoT products usably secure: technical, legal and organisational. In this paper we further discuss the policymaking implications of these findings and make some recommendations.



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