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There and back again: Cycle consistency across sets for isolating factors of variation

by   Kieran A. Murphy, et al.

Representational learning hinges on the task of unraveling the set of underlying explanatory factors of variation in data. In this work, we operate in the setting where limited information is known about the data in the form of groupings, or set membership, where the underlying factors of variation is restricted to a subset. Our goal is to learn representations which isolate the factors of variation that are common across the groupings. Our key insight is the use of cycle consistency across sets(CCS) between the learned embeddings of images belonging to different sets. In contrast to other methods utilizing set supervision, CCS can be applied with significantly fewer constraints on the factors of variation, across a remarkably broad range of settings, and only utilizing set membership for some fraction of the training data. By curating datasets from Shapes3D, we quantify the effectiveness of CCS through mutual information between the learned representations and the known generative factors. In addition, we demonstrate the applicability of CCS to the tasks of digit style isolation and synthetic-to-real object pose transfer and compare to generative approaches utilizing the same supervision.


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