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The Weighted Euler Curve Transform for Shape and Image Analysis

by   Qitong Jiang, et al.
Florida State University
The Ohio State University

The Euler Curve Transform (ECT) of Turner et al. is a complete invariant of an embedded simplicial complex, which is amenable to statistical analysis. We generalize the ECT to provide a similarly convenient representation for weighted simplicial complexes, objects which arise naturally, for example, in certain medical imaging applications. We leverage work of Ghrist et al. on Euler integral calculus to prove that this invariant—dubbed the Weighted Euler Curve Transform (WECT)—is also complete. We explain how to transform a segmented region of interest in a grayscale image into a weighted simplicial complex and then into a WECT representation. This WECT representation is applied to study Glioblastoma Multiforme brain tumor shape and texture data. We show that the WECT representation is effective at clustering tumors based on qualitative shape and texture features and that this clustering correlates with patient survival time.


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