The Tomaco Hybrid Matching Framework for SAWSDL Semantic Web Services

10/21/2014 ∙ by Thanos G. Stavropoulos, et al. ∙ 0

This work aims to resolve issues related to Web Service retrieval, also known as Service Selection, Discovery or essentially Matching, in two directions. Firstly, a novel matching algorithm for SAWSDL is introduced. The algorithm is hybrid in nature, combining novel and known concepts, such as a logic-based strategy and syntactic text-similarity measures on semantic annotations and textual descriptions. A plugin for the S3 contest environment was developed, in order to position Tomaco amongst state-of-the-art in an objective, reproducible manner. Evaluation showed that Tomaco ranks high amongst state of the art, especially for early recall levels. Secondly, this work introduces the Tomaco web application, which aims to accelerate the wide-spread adoption of Semantic Web Service technologies and algorithms while targeting the lack of user-friendly applications in this field. Tomaco integrates a variety of configurable matching algorithms proposed in this paper. It, finally, allows discovery of both existing and user-contributed service collections and ontologies, serving also as a service registry.



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