The TESTMED Project Experience. Process-aware Enactment of Clinical Guidelines through Multimodal Interfaces

by   Andrea Marrella, et al.

Healthcare is one of the largest business segments in the world and is a critical area for future growth. In order to ensure efficient access to medical and patient-related information, hospitals have invested heavily in improving clinical mobile technologies and spread their use among doctors. Notwithstanding the benefits of mobile technologies towards a more efficient and personalized delivery of care procedures, there are also indications that their use may have a negative impact on patient-centeredness and often places many cognitive and physical demands on doctors, making them prone to make medical errors. To tackle this issue, in this paper we present the main outcomes of the project TESTMED, which aimed at realizing a clinical system that provides operational support to doctors using mobile technologies for delivering care to patients, in a bid to minimize medical errors. The system exploits concepts from Business Process Management on how to manage a specific class of care procedures, called clinical guidelines, and how to support their execution and mobile orchestration among doctors. As a viable solution for doctors' interaction with the system, we investigated the use of vocal and touch interfaces. User evaluation results indicate a good usability of the system.


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