The State of Open Access in Germany: An Analysis of the Publication Output of German Universities

by   Neda Abediyarand, et al.

Starting with the Berlin declaration in 2003, Open Access (OA) publishing has established a new era of scholarly communication due to the unrestricted electronic access to peer reviewed publications. OA offers a number of benefits like e.g. increased citation counts (Gargouri et al., 2010) and enhanced visibility and accessibility of research output (Tennant et al., 2016). The OA movement with its powerful mandating and policymaking has been very successful in recent years. Relatively little is known about the real effects of these activities in terms of OA publication output of institutions on a larger scale (Piwowar et al., 2018). The aim of this article is to investigate to what extent the OA fraction of the publication output of German universities has increased in the last years. To answer this question, we analysed and compared total number of publications which have been published by researchers of the largest German universities. We compared the numbers of OA versus closed publications for 66 large German universities in the time span of 2000-2017.



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