The Self-Organizing Symbiotic Agent

12/11/1998 ∙ by Babak Hodjat, et al. ∙ 0

In [N. A. Baas, Emergence, Hierarchies, and Hyper-structures, in C.G. Langton ed., Artificial Life III, Addison Wesley, 1994.] a general framework for the study of Emergence and hyper-structure was presented. This approach is mostly concerned with the description of such systems. In this paper we will try to bring forth a different aspect of this model we feel will be useful in the engineering of agent based solutions, namely the symbiotic approach. In this approach a self-organizing method of dividing the more complex "main-problem" to a hyper-structure of "sub-problems" with the aim of reducing complexity is desired. A description of the general problem will be given along with some instances of related work. This paper is intended to serve as an introductory challenge for general solutions to the described problem.



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