The Rise of Internet of Things (IoT) in Big Healthcare Data: Review and Open research Issues

by   Zainab Alansari, et al.

Health is one of the sustainable development areas in all of the countries. Internet of Things has a variety of use in this sector which was not studied yet. The aim of this research is to prioritize IoT usage in the healthcare sector to achieve sustainable development. The study is an applied descriptive research according to data collection. As per the research methodology which is FAHP, it is a single cross sectional survey research. After data collection, the agreed paired comparison matrices, allocated to weighted criteria and the priority of IoT usage were determined. Based on the research findings, the two criteria of Economic Prosperity and Quality of Life achieved the highest priority for IoT sustainable development in the healthcare sector. Moreover, the top priorities for IoT in the area of health, according to the usage, were identified as Ultraviolet Radiation, Dental Health and Fall Detection.



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