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The Rise and Fall of Robotic World (A case study of WALL-E)

by   Faisal Ghaffar, et al.

The current trend in technology shows that the robots will soon be seen interacting with humans and handling different tasks more efficiently in future. With advancement in artificial intelligence it can be foreseen that robots will definitely take over all of the major and minor jobs, will socially interact with humans and will minimize the burden of human significantly. With the passage of time humans will forget about their reality and the labour work they currently do by themselves. That age will be exactly the peak age of robots and we can call it age of the rise of the robots. With the rise of robots, they will start taking decision by themselves regarding the human life and the planet. Human will again start to minimize the influence of robots and take control of their life with the help of some robots. The WALL-E narrates such a story of human life dependency on robots in spaceship when earth is destroyed because of some catastrophe. The clash between human and robots occurs when humans find the earth is survivable and should go back but robots do not allow them. With the help of some social robots humans again take control and take the ship back to earth. The major part of the movie is about the a lonely robot living on planet earth, the love of two robots, their interaction. Those two robots help humans to move back to earth.


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