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The rational fragment of the ZX-calculus

by   Emmanuel Jeandel, et al.

We introduce here a new axiomatisation of the rational fragment of the ZX-calculus, a diagrammatic language for quantum mechanics. Compared to the previous axiomatisation introduced in [8], our axiomatisation does not use any metarule , but relies instead on a more natural rule, called the cyclotomic supplementarity rule, that was introduced previously in the literature. Our axiomatisation is only complete for diagrams using rational angles , and is not complete in the general case. Using results on diophantine geometry, we characterize precisely which diagram equality involving arbitrary angles are provable in our framework without any new axioms, and we show that our axiomatisation is continuous, in the sense that a diagram equality involving arbitrary angles is provable iff it is a limit of diagram equalities involving rational angles. We use this result to give a complete characterization of all Euler equations that are provable in this axiomatisation.


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