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The Radial Point Interpolation Mixed Collocation (RPIMC) Method for the Solution of Transient Diffusion Problems

by   Konstantinos A. Mountris, et al.
University of Zaragoza

The Radial Point Interpolation Mixed Collocation (RPIMC) method is proposed in this paper for transient analysis of diffusion problems. RPIMC is an efficient purely meshless method where the solution of the field variable is obtained through collocation. The field function and its gradient are both interpolated (mixed collocation approach) leading to reduced C-continuity requirement compared to strong-form collocation schemes. The method's accuracy is evaluated in heat conduction benchmark problems. The RPIMC convergence is compared against the Meshless Local Petrov-Galerkin Mixed Collocation (MLPG-MC) method and the Finite Element Method (FEM). Due to the delta Kronecker property of RPIMC, improved accuracy can be achieved as compared to MLPG-MC. RPIMC is proven to be a promising meshless alternative to FEM for transient diffusion problems.


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