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The Price of Anarchy in Routing Games as a Function of the Demand

by   Roberto Cominetti, et al.
Luiss Guido Carli
Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez

Most of the literature concerning the price of anarchy has focused on the search on tight bounds for specific classes of games, such as congestion games and, in particular, routing games. Some papers have studied the price of anarchy as a function of some parameter of the model, such as the traffic demand in routing games, and have provided asymptotic results in light or heavy traffic. We study the price of anarchy in nonatomic routing games in the central region of the traffic demand. We start studying some regularity properties of Wardrop equilibria and social optima. We focus our attention on break points, that is, values of the demand where at all equilibria the set of paths used changes. Then we show that, for affine cost functions, local maxima of the price of anarchy can occur only at break points. We prove that their number is finite, but can be exponential in the size of the network.


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