The Power of Recourse: Better Algorithms for Facility Location in Online and Dynamic Models

by   Xiangyu Guo, et al.

In this paper we study the facility location problem in the online with recourse and dynamic algorithm models. In the online with recourse model, clients arrive one by one and our algorithm needs to maintain good solutions at all time steps with only a few changes to the previously made decisions (called recourse). We show that the classic local search technique can lead to a (1+√(2)+ϵ)-competitive online algorithm for facility location with only O(log n/ϵlog1/ϵ) amortized facility and client recourse. We then turn to the dynamic algorithm model for the problem, where the main goal is to design fast algorithms that maintain good solutions at all time steps. We show that the result for online facility location, combined with the randomized local search technique of Charikar and Guha [10], leads to an O(1+√(2)+ϵ) approximation dynamic algorithm with amortized update time of Õ(n) in the incremental setting. Notice that the running time is almost optimal, since in general metric space it takes Ω(n) time to specify a new client's position. The approximation factor of our algorithm also matches the best offline analysis of the classic local search algorithm. Finally, we study the fully dynamic model for facility location, where clients can both arrive and depart. Our main result is an O(1)-approximation algorithm in this model with O(|F|) preprocessing time and O(log^3 D) amortized update time for the HST metric spaces. Using the seminal results of Bartal [4] and Fakcharoenphol, Rao and Talwar [17], which show that any arbitrary N-point metric space can be embedded into a distribution over HSTs such that the expected distortion is at most O(log N), we obtain a O(log |F|) approximation with preprocessing time of O(|F|^2log |F|) and O(log^3 D) amortized update time.


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