The possibility of use of QR-codes in teaching physics

by   V. L. Buzko, et al.

In the article discusses the possibility of using of QR-codes in teaching physics. It is noted that the technology of recognition of QR-codes can be attributed to elements of mobile information and education environment. On the basis of summarizing existing research discusses the advantages and disadvantages of using QR-codes, and the application of codes in the learning process. Examples of the use of QR-codes in teaching physics (of physical quests and web quests, of games, quizzes, polls, creating a virtual exhibition, creating applications to educational facilities, the creation and study of computer models of physical phenomena and processes, organization Self-Test) are described. Found that the mobile learning available to pupils (students), and elements of the mobile information-educational environment (including technology development and recognition of QR-codes) have sufficient capacity in teaching physics.



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