The Personal Software Process, Experiences from Denmark

by   Pekka Abrahamsson, et al.

Software process improvement (SPI) research and practice is transforming from the traditional large-scale assessment based improvement initiatives into smaller sized, tailored initiatives where the emphasis is set on the development personnel and their personal abilities. The personal software process (PSPSM) is a method for improving the personal capabilities of a single software engineer. This paper contributes to the body of knowledge within this area by reporting experiences from Denmark. The results indicate an improvement in the effort estimation skills and a significant increase in the resulting product quality in terms of reduced total defect density. The data shows that with relatively small effort (i.e., 10 (i.e., design and code reviews) almost one third of all defects were removed and consequently the time required for the testing was cut by 50 this data the use of the PSP method in the software industry is discussed.



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