The P-DESTRE: A Fully Annotated Dataset for Pedestrian Detection, Tracking, Re-Identification and Search from Aerial Devices

by   S. V. Aruna Kumar, et al.

Over the last decades, the world has been witnessing growing threats to the security in urban spaces, which has augmented the relevance given to visual surveillance solutions able to detect, track and identify persons of interest in crowds. In particular, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are a potential tool for this kind of analysis, as they provide a cheap way for data collection, cover large and difficult-to-reach areas, while reducing human staff demands. In this context, all the available datasets are exclusively suitable for the pedestrian re-identification problem, in which the multi-camera views per ID are taken on a single day, and allows the use of clothing appearance features for identification purposes. Accordingly, the main contributions of this paper are two-fold: 1) we announce the UAV-based P-DESTRE dataset, which is the first of its kind to provide consistent ID annotations across multiple days, making it suitable for the extremely challenging problem of person search, i.e., where no clothing information can be reliably used. Apart this feature, the P-DESTRE annotations enable the research on UAV-based pedestrian detection, tracking, re-identification and soft biometric solutions; and 2) we compare the results attained by state-of-the-art pedestrian detection, tracking, reidentification and search techniques in well-known surveillance datasets, to the effectiveness obtained by the same techniques in the P-DESTRE data. Such comparison enables to identify the most problematic data degradation factors of UAV-based data for each task, and can be used as baselines for subsequent advances in this kind of technology. The dataset and the full details of the empirical evaluation carried out are freely available at



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