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The National Corpus of Contemporary Welsh: Project Report | Y Corpws Cenedlaethol Cymraeg Cyfoes: Adroddiad y Prosiect

by   Dawn Knight, et al.

This report provides an overview of the CorCenCC project and the online corpus resource that was developed as a result of work on the project. The report lays out the theoretical underpinnings of the research, demonstrating how the project has built on and extended this theory. We also raise and discuss some of the key operational questions that arose during the course of the project, outlining the ways in which they were answered, the impact of these decisions on the resource that has been produced and the longer-term contribution they will make to practices in corpus-building. Finally, we discuss some of the applications and the utility of the work, outlining the impact that CorCenCC is set to have on a range of different individuals and user groups.


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