The massive modular Hamiltonian

12/01/2020 ∙ by Roberto Longo, et al. ∙ 0

We compute the vacuum local modular Hamiltonian associated with a space ball region in the free scalar massive Quantum Field Theory. We give an explicit expression on the one particle Hilbert space in terms of the massive Legendre differential operator and the Green integral for the Helmholtz operator. The quadratic form of the massive modular Hamiltonian is expressed in terms of an integral of the energy density with parabolic distribution and of a Yukawa potential, that here appears intrinsically. We then get the formula for the local entropy of a Klein-Gordon wave packet. This gives the vacuum relative entropy of a coherent state on the double cone von Neumann algebras associated with the free scalar QFT. Among other points, we have a criterion for a Bogoliubov automorphism to be locally weakly inner and we provide the passivity characterisation of the modular Hamiltonian within the standard subspace set up.



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