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The many faces of deep learning

by   Raul Vicente, et al.

Deep learning has sparked a network of mutual interactions between different disciplines and AI. Naturally, each discipline focuses and interprets the workings of deep learning in different ways. This diversity of perspectives on deep learning, from neuroscience to statistical physics, is a rich source of inspiration that fuels novel developments in the theory and applications of machine learning. In this perspective, we collect and synthesize different intuitions scattered across several communities as for how deep learning works. In particular, we will briefly discuss the different perspectives that disciplines across mathematics, physics, computation, and neuroscience take on how deep learning does its tricks. Our discussion on each perspective is necessarily shallow due to the multiple views that had to be covered. The deepness in this case should come from putting all these faces of deep learning together in the reader's mind, so that one can look at the same problem from different angles.


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