The Least Difference in Means: A Statistic for Effect Size Strength and Practical Significance

by   Bruce A. Corliss, et al.

With limited resources, scientific inquiries must be prioritized for further study, funding, and translation based on their practical significance: whether the effect size is large enough to be meaningful in the real world. Doing so must evaluate a result's effect strength, defined as a conservative assessment of practical significance. We propose the least difference in means (δ_L) as a two-sample statistic that can quantify effect strength and perform a hypothesis test to determine if a result has a meaningful effect size. To facilitate consensus, δ_L allows scientists to compare effect strength between related results and choose different thresholds for hypothesis testing without recalculation. Both δ_L and the relative δ_L outperform other candidate statistics in identifying results with higher effect strength. We use real data to demonstrate how the relative δ_L compares effect strength across broadly related experiments. The relative δ_L can prioritize research based on the strength of their results.



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