The Learning Technique of the SageMathCloud Use for Students Collaboration Support

by   Maiia Popel, et al.

The article describes the advisable ways of the cloud-based systems use to support students collaboration in the process of math disciplines learning. The SageMathCloud-based component that aggregates electronic resources for several math disciplines training is introduced. The learning technique of the SageMathCloud use in the process of educational staff training is proposed. The expediency of this technique implementation for more active take up of innovative approaches, forms and methods of math training with the use of the cloud-based tools is substantiated. The experimental results of the SageMathCloud learning component introduction research along with the methods of its use that were elaborated in the course of the study are presented. The use of the evidence-based technique as improving the educational environment of the univer-sity, empowering access to electronic learning resources in the course of math training and engaging with this the educational community and also rising their ICT competence is grounded.


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