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The Impact of Twitter Sentiments on Stock Market Trends

by   Melvin Mokhtari, et al.

The Web is a vast virtual space where people can share their opinions, impacting all aspects of life and having implications for marketing and communication. The most up-to-date and comprehensive information can be found on social media because of how widespread and straightforward it is to post a message. Proportionately, they are regarded as a valuable resource for making precise market predictions. In particular, Twitter has developed into a potent tool for understanding user sentiment. This article examines how well tweets can influence stock symbol trends. We analyze the volume, sentiment, and mentions of the top five stock symbols in the S P 500 index on Twitter over three months. Long Short-Term Memory, Bernoulli Naïve Bayes, and Random Forest were the three algorithms implemented in this process. Our study revealed a significant correlation between stock prices and Twitter sentiment.


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