The Impact of Hyper-Parameter Tuning for Landscape-Aware Performance Regression and Algorithm Selection

by   Anja Jankovic, et al.

Automated algorithm selection and configuration methods that build on exploratory landscape analysis (ELA) are becoming very popular in Evolutionary Computation. However, despite a significantly growing number of applications, the underlying machine learning models are often chosen in an ad-hoc manner. We show in this work that three classical regression methods are able to achieve meaningful results for ELA-based algorithm selection. For those three models – random forests, decision trees, and bagging decision trees – the quality of the regression models is highly impacted by the chosen hyper-parameters. This has significant effects also on the quality of the algorithm selectors that are built on top of these regressions. By comparing a total number of 30 different models, each coupled with 2 complementary regression strategies, we derive guidelines for the tuning of the regression models and provide general recommendations for a more systematic use of classical machine learning models in landscape-aware algorithm selection. We point out that a choice of the machine learning model merits to be carefully undertaken and further investigated.


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