The impact of binaural white noise with oscillations of 100 to 750hz in the short-term visual working memory and the reactivity of alpha and beta cerebral waves

by   Cesar Rommel Salas, et al.

According to some researchers, noise is typically conceived as a detrimental factor in cognitive performance affecting perception, decision making, and motor function. However, in recent studies it is associated with white noise with concentration and calm, therefore, this research seeks to establish the impact of binaural white noise on the performance of short-term visual and working memory, the alpha - beta brain activity, attention - meditation, through the use of two auditory stimuli with frequency ranges of (100 to 450hz) and (100 to 750hz). This study was conducted in the city of Montes Claros, the Republic of Brazil, where seven participants were evaluated (n = 7) with an average age of 36.71, and two age groups (GP1) 21 to 30 and (GP2) 41 50, with university studies. Within the experimental process, the short-term visual memory tests were performed using the cognitive assessment battery CAB of CogniFit, and the recording of brain activities through the use of monopolar electroencephalogram and the eSense algorithms. With the results obtained and through the use of statistical tests, we can infer that the binaural white noise with oscillations of 100 to 750 Hz contributed to the performance of visual work memory in the short term



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