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The Hidden Vulnerability of Watermarking for Deep Neural Networks

by   Shangwei Guo, et al.

Watermarking has shown its effectiveness in protecting the intellectual property of Deep Neural Networks (DNNs). Existing techniques usually embed a set of carefully-crafted sample-label pairs into the target model during the training process. Then ownership verification is performed by querying a suspicious model with those watermark samples and checking the prediction results. These watermarking solutions claim to be robustness against model transformations, which is challenged by this paper. We design a novel watermark removal attack, which can defeat state-of-the-art solutions without any prior knowledge of the adopted watermarking technique and training samples. We make two contributions in the design of this attack. First, we propose a novel preprocessing function, which embeds imperceptible patterns and performs spatial-level transformations over the input. This function can make the watermark sample unrecognizable by the watermarked model, while still maintaining the correct prediction results of normal samples. Second, we introduce a fine-tuning strategy using unlabelled and out-of-distribution samples, which can improve the model usability in an efficient manner. Extensive experimental results indicate that our proposed attack can effectively bypass existing watermarking solutions with very high success rates.


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